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A couple of inspirational Moment Makers


Director and Founder

Hi, I’m Chenise. As one of the founders of Moments Made, I would like to welcome you to our website. I am passionate about what we do because I can relate to each and every one of you after I lost a dear loved one. It was my late Grandpa who inspired me to create Moments Made. What started out as a small family page dedicated solely to my Grandpa has brought us such joy and harmony. Because of this, I felt it was worth sharing our idea with the rest of the world. I hope Moments Made brings you just as much comfort.


Director and Founder

Hi, I’m Conal. I’m one of the founders of Moments Made. Our platform is personal to me because I’ve lost close family and friends, which affected me deeply. I’ve always wanted to keep their memories alive as best as I could. Now, with Moments Made, I can. I’m so excited to share this with you, and I hope you can get as much fulfilment from this as Chenise and I have. We are a small, family-run business that was built around our own personal experiences. Hopefully, Moments Made inspires you to enjoy life’s precious moments.

The story behind Moments Made

From moment of tragedy to moment of clarity

Conal and Chenise created Moments Made in November 2021 when Chenise sadly lost her grandpa, Brian, to lung cancer. Chenise's family would often share photos and videos with each other, whilst reminiscing about the good times shared with Brian. This left them wondering who else had shared memories of him.

They wanted to find a way for everyone who was close to Brian to share their memories and be able to store them all in one place to help his memory and family legacy live on. The result is Moments Made, a family-run business that aims to ensure no person is ever forgotten, and brings families and friends closer together with precious moments of reminisce.

The Moments Vault was created after Conal and Chenise both lost people close to them. Loved ones who kept their illnesses a secret until their last remaining days, so as not to burden their families. So the Moments Vault was devised to let anyone with limited time left to live to create their own digital legacy with a time capsule of messages, photos and videos for their loved ones.


Moments Made is a family-run business that aims to modernise how we remember lost loved ones, bring families and friends closer together, and ensure no life is forgotten with online memorials to cherish forever.


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