Our Golden Moments package comes with a lifetime warranty for your Moments Plaque, which means we’ll replace it if anything happens to it. Our Silver Moments package comes with a 24-month warranty.  

If you have received help from a charity or have a charity that you would like to offer support to, you can do that within your Moments Page. Simply add your charity link and you’re done.

You have complete control over the account and its content. So you can vet and approve moments shared through the plaque’s QR code. You can also give certain trusted Moment Makers a one-time approval.

Your Moments Page can be a public or private online memorial where you can create a loving tribute to your loved one. Add a photo, biography, goals and dreams, family details, and a charity link for donations.  

Our Moments Plaques come in plastic, brushed aluminium or bronze and are engraved with a unique QR code for a contemporary tribute to your lost loved one that unites family and friends through shared moments.

Moments are messages, photos or videos that Moment Makers can share with you to be uploaded to your loved one’s dedicated Moments Page. Moments appear in chronological order to create a living timeline. 

A Moment Maker is anyone who wishes to share moments about your loved one. Depending on the package, you can choose to have 5, 10 or unlimited Moment Makers who can contribute to your online memorial.


Moments Made is a family-run business that aims to modernise how we remember lost loved ones, bring families and friends closer together, and ensure no life is forgotten with online memorials to cherish forever.


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