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We all want to leave a legacy behind and be remembered long after we're gone. With Moments Made, it's never been easier to celebrate a loved one's extraordinary life and keep their memories alive. Our beautiful online memorials and Moments Plaques make sharing life's precious moments simple, quick and convenient.

It's comforting to hear other people's accounts of moments spent with your dearly departed. Some moments might even be news to you. Now imagine if you could capture all those unique moments in one virtual time capsule and revisit them whenever you want, for as long as you want. Moments Made does exactly that.

Moments Plaques

When families and friends come together for a funeral, there's an outpouring of emotions and memories as a loved one's life is celebrated and mourned. But then what? We go our separate ways and try to get on with our lives as best as we can, letting time be a healer. But what if there was a better way to process our grief?

Moments Made lets you purchase a Moments Plaque engraved with a unique QR code that can be placed in tribute to your loved one on a headstone, bench or another place of significance. Any visitors to this site can scan the QR code to share their condolences, memories or Private Moments just for their loved one.

Moments Page

Having purchased a Moments Plaque, you can create a Moments Page to celebrate your lost loved one. This fully encrypted online memorial page gives you a dedicated space to create a personal tribute to your loved one and upload moments shared by individual Moment Makers, including messages, photos and videos.

You have complete control over the account and its content. That means you can vet and approve Moments shared through the plaque's QR code. You can also give trusted Moment Makers a one-time approval to speed up the process. Plus, you can add a link to a charity of your choice for anyone wishing to leave a donation.

Moments Vault

Being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness is devastating. It can come as an enormous shock to you and all you love. But putting plans in place for the future can offer some level of comfort. Expressing your thoughts in words and videos can bring a sense of closure, and peace of mind that you said everything you needed to say.

The Moments Vault is essentially a virtual time capsule where you can share heartfelt moments for your loved ones to access when the time is right. So your presence can be felt at major milestones, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and births. Create a digital legacy full of poignant moments they'll cherish forever.

A Letter

Losing a loved one changes everything. When that special someone you used to confide in about everything, went to for advice and shared all of life's precious moments with has gone, it can leave a massive hole in your life. Just knowing that you'll never be able to talk to them about anything and everything is tough to take.

But with Moments Made, you can. Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts out loud at a graveside or memorial. Now, you can send a prviate letter to your dearly departed, with confidential messages visible only to you. So you can feel closer to them whenever you need to share a moment.


Moments Made is a family-run business that aims to modernise how we remember lost loved ones, bring families and friends closer together, and ensure no life is forgotten with online memorials to cherish forever.


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