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Priceless moments at affordable prices

At Moments Made, we want to ensure you can enjoy priceless moments at affordable prices. So we've devised three distinct packages to suit all budgets and tastes. Simply choose the best fit for you and how you'd like to honour your loved one, and we'll take care of the rest. Pay upfront or spread the cost; it really is up to you.

Whether you want to share Simple Moments with a handful of people or create Golden Moments with as many as you'd like, we have the perfect online tribute. You can either pay an initial deposit followed by a monthly subscription or pay upfront with an annual plan for a 20% discount. Make more Moments for less today.

Moments Tribute


This is the physical plaque that will be placed at the memorial site, such as the headstone, bench or cremation stone.


Package Features

Everything that makes up a moment

Moment Maker

A Moment Maker is anyone who wishes to share moments about your loved one. Depending on the package, you can choose to have 5, 10 or unlimited Moment Makers who can contribute to your online memorial.


Moments are messages, photos or videos that Moment Makers can share with you to be uploaded to your loved one’s dedicated Moments Page. Moments appear in chronological order to create a living timeline. 


Our Moments Plaques come in plastic, brushed aluminium or bronze and are engraved with a unique QR code for a contemporary tribute to your lost loved one that unites family and friends through shared moments.

Moments Page

Your Moments Page can be a public or private online memorial where you can create a loving tribute to your loved one. Add a photo, biography, goals and dreams, family details, and a charity link for donations.  

Admin Control

You have complete control over the account and its content. So you can vet and approve moments shared through the plaque’s QR code. You can also give certain trusted Moment Makers a one-time approval.


Our Golden Moments package comes with a lifetime warranty for your Moments Plaque, which means we’ll replace it if anything happens to it. Our Silver Moments package comes with a 24-month warranty.  

Charity Link

If you have received help from a charity or have a charity that you would like to offer support to, you can do that within your Moments Page. Simply add your charity link and you’re done.


Don’t take our word for it


All your questions answered

It's really simple. You just choose your package, place your Moments Plaque at your chosen memorial site, set up your Moments Page, and view the moments shared by your trusted Moment Makers. You're in total control of what moments are uploaded to your Moments Page, so you can just enjoy the special moments.
Setting up a Moments Page is similar to setting up a social media page. You or someone you trust acts as the administrator for the page. That means adding a photo, biography and a charity link of your choice. It also allows you to vet and approve users and moments shared through your plaque's unique QR code.
Your moments are stored on your Moments Page, which you can choose to make private so that only approved Moment Makers can access it. All of your data is SSL encrypted and fully secured on our servers, so your moments are kept safe and sound. Rest assured, you privacy and data are extremely important to us.
We have three distinct packages to suit all budgets and needs. Our Moments Made packages range from £49 to £249, depending on the type of tribute, the number of contributing Moment Makers, and the level of warranty protection you'd like for your Moments Plaque. Make more moments for less with Moments Made.
You don't necessarily need a subscription. You can pay a one-off annual fee and enjoy the Moments Made experience for 20% less than the monthly price. But, if you'd like to spread the cost of your plan, you can put down an initial deposit and pay a convenient monthly subscription fee over six, 12 or 18 months.
Our Golden Moments package comes with a lifetime warranty for your Moments Plaque, which means we'll replace it if anything should happen to it. Meanwhile, our Silver Moments package comes with a 24-month warranty. Either way, we want you to feel secure in the knowledge that your plaque is protected.
We’re confident that our Moments Plaques will last for up to 20 years. In the unlikely event that your plaque becomes tarnished or faulty, for whatever reason, we will send you a free replacement – no questions asked. If you lose your plaque, you can purchase a new one (or even several) at the relevant unit price of your plaque.
As long as you still have your plaque, you won't need to purchase another. You can resubscribe when you’re ready at any time. You’ll simply start paying the relevant monthly subscription fee for your package again. If you wish to close your account, <INSERT DETAILS ABOUT RETENTION HERE>.
Yes to both! You can by all means invite a relative or friend to help you oversee the administration behind the scenes. In fact, you might find that sharing the duties of overseeing your loved one’s online memorial brings you closer together. You can also remove unwanted users quickly and easily at the click of a few buttons.


Moments Made is a family-run business that aims to modernise how we remember lost loved ones, bring families and friends closer together, and ensure no life is forgotten with online memorials to cherish forever.


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